What does your DPD time card do while you sleep?

Trust is good, control is better: Making notes of working hours helps!

As you may have noticed many of our time cards now stay inside the depot permanently. Partially our working time is registered directly at our workplace.

What was important before is now getting more important – We have to control our working time by ourselves, too. The less control we have of our time cards, the more rises the risk that the final payment isn’t correct.

One thing to help us to control our working time is the journal of work. We just take a notebook or a calendar and write everything down: On which day have we worked, where, when did we start and when did we finish? The best is to write that down directly after work, because then we don’t forget a thing.

The journal of work can be useful for other things, too. What counts in any case: If it’s done regularly and precisely, it is of great value!



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