Living in the depot?! When the boss calls me I’m already there!

Never to be late for work, no more long journeys to work and back home, the most brilliant wake up call one can imagine – thanks to the new DPD concept „living in the depot“ this will all be available!

How? We will all move in into the depot. Then the depot head can wake us up personally when we are needed. At any time we are ready to work in a few moments. This will save travelling expenses and wages and the depot will turn center of our life at last!

Shocked? But this isn’t far from reality! For many of us it’s usual that every day the time of clocking-on for the next day gets fixed every day anew. Then we find out only at the end of our working time about when we do have to return the next day. Whoever has to go through this knows well the consequences for the family, health or thefinances.

Act: Write us about how you think about this situation. What happens to your lives when you have to be ready all the time? We will publish your comments (of course anonymously) here on the blog.

We need more planning security! That’s why this present state soon has to end!


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