Minijob doesn’t mean: less rights!

If you are sick or on holiday you have the legal right to get paid!

Concerning industrial law there is no difference between temporary workers/“minijobber“ and permanent/full time employees. The only difference is the working time. If someone is doing a „minijob“ he is employed part time and the „Teilzeit- und Befristungsgesetz“ is the law in force.

Certainly at the DPD depot in Duisburg temporary workers only get money for time they have actually worked, even though continued payment of wages in case of illness or holiday are established in law! DPD cannot chose whether they pay or not!

What are the temporary workers entitled to?

As you can see on the web page of the „Minijobzentrale“ many things get ignored by DPD Duisburg. Beyond that the collective agreements determine some important things.

But let’s concentrate on the two subjects of illness and holiday:

According to § 3 des Entgeltfortzahlungsgesetzes DPD has to pay wages even if someone is sick. This right takes effect four weeks after your working contract starts and is in force up to six weeks of illness.

According to § 1 des Bundesurlaubsgesetzes DPD has to pay for everybody’s holiday. In one of the collective agreements 27 day are established. Of course part time workers get less, but all workers can go on holiday for the same time. If you are working less you have to take less holiday time to go on leave.

Besides that the collective agreement says that everybody gets 14€ for each day of holiday. Everybody should get this payment this month with the salary of may!

These two topics are the biggest problems of part time workers at DPD Duisburg. Most of them are calculating if they can afford to stay sick at home or to go on holiday. This can’t be! Part time workers are no day labourers! It’s sheer barefacedness that DPD doesn’t pay that money by themselves!

Soon on this blog we will publish an instruction on how part time workers can get their money from DPD. As this is established in law it will be possible!


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